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Most people will not believe me when I say that we still live in slavery. The reality is that they have been so brainwashed that they cannot even tell the difference between slavery and freedom. Again, let’s take taxation as a starting point. Now let’s define slavery. Wouldn’t you agree that a good definition of slavery is the outright confiscation of 100% of someone’s product of labor under the threat of coercion? As a slave, you belong to a master or an organization which has granted itself the right to deny your ability to break free by extorting all of your earned wealth. That sounds about correct, right? Now imagine a system within which that organization extorts 50% of your earnings under threat of duress and/or violence, whether that is through penalties (i.e. more punitive extortion) or putting you in a cage (i.e. imprisonment). Doesn’t it look more familiar all of a sudden? Well that is the society we live in folks, and that is not your so-called free society. There is a word for this system. It is Feudalism. Instead of being ruled by one who takes all (a master/king etc…), you are being ruled by a few (the government oligarchy) which takes most of what you make. By doing so, this group slows down or totally prevents your ability to become financially independent and to break away from the system. In my case, had I not been stolen for years by my government, I could have retired before the age of 35. Instead, I now have to waste extra years of my life to work and produce in order to compensate for the lost income spent away on taxes. You see, most fail to acknowledge that by taking part in the system as a working individual, we are agreeing to use our skills and efforts in order to convert our time into a unit of account (currency credit). But most people living in our society will never admit that by taxing them, the socialist State effectively steals years of their life, if not their entire life, by extorting back these same units of account which in turn forces them into the system much longer than would have been necessary within a Capitalist system. Instead most people will always try to rationalize taxation by saying that you must be paying for some vital services. Fine. But what they fail to see is that these public services are imposed onto you. You have no other choice but to accept and pay for them. Your free will has been taken away from you as you cannot possibly opt out and look for an outside alternative such as a more efficient, private vendor. As you can see, if you are only willing to be honest with yourself, slavery is everywhere. You have merely been brainwashed into thinking that you were free. Yet, Socialism has indeed stolen your very basic freedoms and your life altogether.

Regardless, the weaklings who choose to cling to Socialism will always attribute evil to individualism and private property while expecting to receive salvation from the government. Even though Theft is a cardinal Wrong according to Natural Law, one will consistently consider that delegating this wrongdoing to the government will eventually turn it into a Right as if by magic. The delusion never ends. Socialists will for example never attribute the fall of Russian Bolshevism to the inadequacy of the system. They will never recognize that their experiment failed because it was meant in absolute contradiction with Natural Law. And so because Socialists cannot possibly appeal to logic to justify their political project, they appeal to emotions instead. They thrive on awakening the masses’ most primitive instincts. Just try to watch some old Stalin public speeches (or any other socialist leader for that matter). Nothing he says makes rational, provable sense. Everything that comes out of his mouth has one purpose and one purpose only, which is to appeal to people’s emotions. And because the masses have a very low average ability to think, they will fall for it most of the time. This bias in political rhetoric makes the fight for capitalist ideas extremely unequal since people will always naturally favor feelings over thoughts. The psychopaths in power know it. They know just as well that despite the masses’ inability to think, they are also implicitly looking for a leader that does. They will only allow him to do so depending on his ability to reconstruct the concept of fairness through emotionally-charged arguments that flatter the people’s most basic, dumbed-down instincts. Once the masses are convinced that this demagogue leader can think “fairness” differently AND in their favor, then they will accept his power as God-given truth. This will in turn help legitimate and make wide-scale, State-organized theft appear like “fairness” for all.

By calling out the constructed socialist monopoly over “fairness”, it is now easy to understand why absolutely every single political decision emanating from socialist governments is invariably, systematically wrapped under the umbrella argument of “social justice”. Because none of the wrongdoings made in the name of this horrendously manipulated concept may be justified rationally, the political power will always resort to invoke fairness as a seal of good intention. Social justice, no matter how stolen from its true meaning, will always be brandished as the moral shield that justifies any abuse. So all of a sudden, any Wrong under Natural Law such as taxation and limitation of individual freedom becomes a Right in the eyes of a population that has been sufficiently brainwashed not to question political correctness ever again. By extension, any one who dares to call the socialist power out on their cynical actions will be deemed immoral, an enemy of the State and a threat to people’s “Common Good”. Such is the tragedy of socialist societies. The organized intellectual terrorism over moral norms and values is total. It is such that politicians grant themselves the right to withhold an undisputable monopoly over morality, no matter how atrocious and immoral the means involved to reach that goal are. In short, whatever bolsters the power of the State is moral. Whoever questions it is immoral.

Understand that distorting the concepts of fairness and social justice is the absolute cornerstone of the whole socialist doctrine. Dismantle it and nothing remains of the political power and the underlying masses’ sense of entitlement. Don’t do it, and Keynesian economics will require that wages and prices of any asset be politically fixed on that basis of “what is fair”, thereby opening the door to ideological dictatorship and oppression. So Socialism will stop at nothing to build up that ideological framework of entitling people to other people’s wealth and property. Politicians will stop at nothing to give rise to the democratization of political privilege and economic collectivism. Socialists will hasten this process by making you and treating you like a helpless child again. They will disarm you by taking away your responsibility. Remember, social justice is fair because nothing is your fault and others owe you. Your life is not going well, you do not make as much as you think you deserve, your failed at climbing the social ladder, your retirement pension is measly? Poor you, it must be that some unfair, evil businessman exploited you. It must be that “the rich” looted from you without actually earning it. So “naturally”, social justice requires that we steal back from them through taxation and regulation until fairness has been reenacted. Yeah… right! I’d rather believe in unicorns!

To inspire unfairness, socialists love to propagate that feeling of revolt among people by claiming that the social game is rigged. Nothing is your fault because no matter what you do, you could not have possibly succeeded since some people out there have a way of not paying their fair share to fund what normal working people like yourselves have the right to receive. Sounds familiar again? When such thinking is repeated enough, years after years, I have seen totally upright people start to believe that this might actually be true. And you know what, when they asked me whether it was rigged or not, I knew what they were actually asking about. They never really asked whether the system was rigged or not. Not at all. What they actually wanted to hear is a validation about whether the system is unfair or not. And so my answer was always the same: “You are damn right it IS!”. That’s right people, the economy is unfair. People like myself fully know it AND ACCEPT IT as their reality. Even if everybody is equal in rights, nobody ends up being equal in the results that they get out of their life path. It’s life, it has always been like that. So grow up and get over it already! We know that the only way we could tilt the scale in our favor was to work harder and stop lamenting on the state of things. That is why you will never see these young and nasty capitalists hang out in clubs every Saturday night during their teens as they are too busy making and/or saving their money for something worthwhile. They prioritized and gave up on what you thought you “deserved” from a very young age. I missed out on a lot because I worked so much. I missed out on so much that people my age got to enjoy. I missed out on a lot because I was geared towards obtaining what I have now. So I skipped many parties. I did not go eat out to fancy restaurants several times a week. I did not know the bouncer at the latest trendy bars. I did not spend my whole summers on the beach. I did not travel to fancy countries to meet new cultures when I could barely make ends meet. I did not blow my first paychecks to show off with my friends. I was unable to talk about the latest TV series at the coffee machine. I did not keep my classes to useless and easy-to-get degrees such as arts and philosophy just because I felt “unique” and entitled to just “doing what I enjoy”. And see, I am not bitter about all that I had to do. Because what I have now and what I achieved is the ultimate justification for my efforts. One that fulfils me wholly. In fact, I got rewarded tenfold. I am not bitter about the fact that the game is rigged either. I have always lived below my means spending all my money on productive and creative ideas that have shaped me into the fully realized individual that I am today. I did so because unlike all the truly bitter people out there, I knew that if I wanted to make a difference in this life, I would have to choose sacrifice over instant gratification. And I happily took ownership of that choice without blaming anyone or asking for any kind of compensation. But what I cannot and will not accept, however, is that Socialism is now telling those who did not do 10% of what I did that they should now feel entitled to my property and that nothing is their fault. You see, I have seen these people. They had the same power to exercise free will as I did. And I know for a fact that their current situation has EVERYTHING to do with their laziness, bad life choices, lack of self-ownership and overall cowardice. Yet, Socialism seeks to relieve them from this lack of responsibility by pointing fingers at people like myself. And they just believe it, because yet again, it is the easy way out. Not only that, but they resent me for it. All of it in the name of “social justice”! The only truth here, is that they feel entitled to me because I have more, and just because I have more. It does not matter what I did to get here. I have more, therefore I should give it away. No questions asked. You know how that is called? It is called Marxist Communism. I do not care if your government sets the cursor at 20% or 90% taxation rate, it is still called Marxist Communism. And this, folks, is the very cancer of our societies that MUST be wiped out from the surface of Earth.

I have come to a point where I can no longer hear these corrupt politicians spew out that same flawed logic for more than 10 seconds. Whenever you hear a Socialist speak, they will make you think that you, the productive white male, is the problem of this society while you have only been a net contributor to it. You took (let alone asked for) nothing from anybody. Yet you are portrayed as that filthy millionaire who supposedly got everything handed to him. Everything that you sacrificed doesn’t matter. The stress and deprivation do not matter. The risks that you took to lose it all do not matter. What matters is the basic belief that since you have more, you should be stolen from. Period. And THAT monstrous ideology is wrapped under the morally lousy and fraudulent concept of social justice. The mass media is used at full throttle by politicians who found there a convenient medium to reprogram ideas in their voters’ psyche through blaming and shaming. And they have succeeded. After a while, people in socialist countries become extremely shy about talking about financial success or success altogether, lest being taken for one of these thieving capitalists. They will refrain from standing out of the crowd by fear of disturbing the imposed equality and breaking the social status quo. In the end, society becomes still and people live in paranoid secrecy, hiding how much they make, scorning each other for any kind of attitude that might fall off the communist-inspired and socially-accepted moral landmarks. Because it is sure not to offend anyone, the cult of mediocracy however (the fact of being mediocre) will become totally acceptable if not encouraged. TV shows will promote it at every level. Not only that, but mediocracy will slowly replace meritocracy. The process will start with stopping to give grades to children in middle-school, to scraping student rankings at the university level. Those who succeed will be shamed into feeling that they owe something to the ones that did not. And those who did not will be wooed into thinking that they lacked something that was out of their control, but that they can regain by clinging off those who did. Socialists will also fight to unravel the elementary family shell. Anything that still makes sense and that could threaten their campaign of social destruction and values confusion will be undermined. Traditional values will be ridiculed while sexual minorities will be glorified to the point where standard nuclear families will come to question their own normality. Finally, words will be stolen of their meanings, euphemisms will be used to sugar-coat any social or economic event that may make you question the power in place or the social order. Everything, and I mean everything will be done to divide and conquer, to confuse you, to break and dislocate your mind until you lose the very notion of what is valuable and what is not. Everything will be leveled and bleached out. Right or wrong will be made a mere relativistic, cultural notion that is of course solely acceptable if it fits the statist agenda. In the end, I witnessed my nation become bitter and depressed as years went by. On one hand, the few value-adding people that work for a living will feel like they are hated and robbed of their property, working for nothing. And on the other hand, the many value-destroying entitled people that vote for a living will always feel that they are not getting enough from the State and that society remains unfair. Nobody will be happy. So in this “ideal” society where sharing and harmony was supposedly the word, you will see bitterness grow on both ends of the social spectrum. Social distrust finally leaves way to selfishness as mutual help and donations disappear and civil sense fades away in favor of social recklessness. It is therefore essential that people let go of considering that private property is a notion that can be scaled down, at will, on the whims of a higher authority and under the phony pretence of social justice. Private property is the only reward that is able to maintain contempt and a sense of achievement among the population. There is no way around it. Without it, private lives will keep being intervened upon and individual freedoms will keep shrinking in the face of Socialism. We should also not lose sight of the delay factor that Socialism introduces to hide its policies. Socialists have introduced that belief that anything should be done to soothe and relieve in the short-term without an iota of consideration for the future consequences. That is why debt is such an important lever for socialist policies. Make no mistake, just because your private property is not alienated with taxation today does not mean that it will not be tomorrow. Socialism glorifies instant gratification by making it seem that the handouts which you get today are free, while they are borrowing and confiscating wealth from tomorrow. As such, debt is a fantastic tool for gaining today’s votes while enslaving future generations.

The great paradox is that even though Socialism wraps its decision in so-called moral righteousness, there is nothing moral about Socialism. None of what is done relies on Natural Law of Right versus Wrong. Instead, this doctrine bases its principles on Ethical Nihilism and so is Keynesian theory. Both believe that morality is relative and therefore not worth considering. Keynes himself contended that traditional and established moral codes of conduct meant nothing. He put it this way as he was studying what would later serve as the basis for Socialism and its economic theory: “We entirely repudiated a personal liability on us to obey general rules. We claimed the right to judge every individual case on its own merits, and the wisdom, experience and self-control to do so successfully. This was a very important part of our faith, violently and aggressively held […]. We repudiated entirely customary morals, conventions and traditional wisdom. We were, that is to say, in the strict sense of the term, immoralists […]. We recognized no moral obligation upon us, no inner sanction to conform or obey. Before heaven we claimed to be our own judge in our own case.” This thought process right here shows an intentional and diametrical opposition to Natural Law. It legitimates all kinds of abuses. You will therefore not find it surprising to learn that Ethical Nihilism as well as Relativism are in fact the second tenant of Satanism. What good can come out of this? How can this guy, Keynes, and the Socialists of today claim that anything they do based on such doctrine can ultimately lead to the preservation of the Common Good? The assertion above portends that the social order is to be administrated on the basis of the self-centered consideration of policymakers with total disregard for traditions, customs, moral codes, rules, self-regulating free-markets, and Natural Law in general. Being right or wrong is not bound to any independent standard to keep politicians in check. Instead, our political leaders may be both tyrannical and not held accountable at the same time. In other words, they can play God and bring about social Chaos. And that is fine.

People simply cannot see any of it. They continue to believe that this tyranny of a few is somehow better than the old tyranny of one (i.e. Monarchy). It has been astounding for me to see how enthusiastic the mature crowd got over Bernie Sanders proposals and the Socialism he advocates. You would think that older people have lived through enough to see Socialism fail time and time again. And yet, they strongly believe that “this time will be different”. So if older people do buy this nonsense, why would one believe that the youth, with its biased, debilitated education would grow a more sensible critical way of thinking? The reality is that people nowadays are ready for anything, including believing in fairy tales, if it means a relief from personal responsibility. Socialism, with its wonderful promise of free everything, guaranteed happiness and relief from life hardships is doing nothing more than turning the masses into gullible toddlers. With the mounting pile of student debt, Socialism’s latest trend to bribe voters has been to cater to the young by pumping the notion of free college. Let me tell you. It is absurd, and not just economically. College cannot possibly be free, not even if there was no such thing as money. Why? Because teaching a class requires input from a professor who himself had to use resources from the educational system from which he gained his knowledge. All those years of resource consumption involved not only using intellectual material, but also food, clothes, housing, medication etc… all of which expenses were provided by people who themselves also need to be compensated for their successive inputs. So the loop cannot be closed if nobody receives any incentive for their efforts. But let’s assume that students understood and accepted that college cannot possibly be free. Guess what? They would still want it. This deeper understanding is actually very interesting here because it shows how values have already started to shift. Students would still claim free college because ultimately, and more generally, the mind control enacted upon them has already made them stop being willing to assume the cost of their decision. They want someone else to take responsibility for it. You see, paying the price forces people to be sure of what they choose for themselves, which leads to optimization in the use of resources. Since you had to make an effort to get this thing or service in the first place, then you better make sure that your own resources are used as best as possible since they are finite and often limited. However, under Socialism, what you get no longer is worthwhile and wasting it does not matter anymore since it is seen as plentiful no matter what you do. This is yet another trait that I was able to witness over the years. I have seen young people actually apply to the university just to get a status. But many of them had very little interest in studying. What matters to them is that college provides a socially respected ground for enjoying the social scene while postponing adult responsibilities for a few years. Again, because it is free, an increasing number of “students” apply for easy-to-obtain yet economically-irrelevant degrees in the hope of extending their student life to the maximum through as little personal involvement as possible. What logically comes out of a centrally-planned education system is therefore a plethora of young people bearing a massive sense of entitlement, unmarketable skills, and on top of this, the nerves to still resent society for their failure in their adult lives. Is it any wonder then why college in socialist economies mainly creates a horde of future Welfare-assisted leeches?

You see, nothing costs as dearly as free stuff. It polarizes society in a way that, on one hand, free stuff creates a deflation in the value that people attach to what they get. And on the other hand, it creates an inflation in the required value of what is actually needed to stand out and be marketable. What is a Bachelor degree worth in a world where everybody got one? That is one of the reasons why holding a basic degree no longer is sufficient today in a socialist environment. More so than under Capitalism, you have to create your place in society and invent your function through an original way of your own since regular scales of skills and normal channels of education have been swarmed, diluted and broken in the end. You need to find a way to add value and make yourself wanted by companies and/or would-be customers. But how many young people today are willing to acknowledge that reality while they have chosen to believe for years that the government would be out there to bail them out? Just a very small minority. The rest are slaves already. They have entrusted their fate to the State and whoever comes to question that life plan be damned. That is why you will often witness that most workers in socialist economies are overwhelmed by their job, they drag their feet everyday and carry their work life as a burden until retirement because they simply hate it. Work for them is seen as an oppression rather than a means of creation and liberation. Again, we are back to Marxist logic. This very logic stems from the change in cultural paradigm that I am talking about. Once the youth psyche becomes enchained to socialist dogmas, it is the beginning of the end for any virtuous and mutually profitable social alternative. That’s why socialist politicians concentrate so much on the youth. At the end of the process, everybody becomes enslaved to a lose-lose system that eventually implodes, leaving everyone with Capitalism-sized handouts and Socialism-scaled taxes; the worst of both worlds so to speak. In the meantime, people’s pride and self-esteem will have been taken away. And enslaved citizens will center politics at the core of their preoccupations because they have become convinced that they themselves are powerless, and that only their masters could come to their rescue. They will simply wait in line begging and tearing each other apart for the few crumbs that the State may possibly decide to grant them to buy social peace. That is how free shit and Socialism create serfdom, because of the mind control and personality destruction that it all creates.

Behind the web of Socialist promises lies the suppression of your freedom, the destruction of the individual and the enslavement of everyone to benefit no one but the government’s hegemonic leaders. In a word, Socialism is not just a fraud. It is the root of outright tyranny and slavery. It is out there to steal your hopes, your imagination and your life altogether without you even knowing it and with the sole purpose of preventing you from being merely willing to choose a different path and break the chains of the system. Socialism will not only make you become a slave, but a self-loathing one, yet hopeless, clueless, irresponsible, retarded, immoral, and bound to a worthless existence stuck in serfdom. Never doubt it, or do so at your own peril and especially at that of others, for once the socialist process is set into motion, there is no way back until the final social and economic implosion. However, unlike many people in other countries before you, you will not be able to say that you have not been warned.


I will lastly leave you with this quote from Benjamin Franklin as a final warning in case you still believe that relying on the government to protect your own well-being and safety might ever be the solution.

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither, and will lose both”.