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Cigars: Enhancing the Moment

Cigars: Enhancing the Moment

If you are like me, you probably have a very hard time finding a justification to just sit back and relax. More often than not, I find myself falling for this guilt trip whereby if I do not accomplish something productive, then I simply must be wasting my time. Being... read more

Alone at the Top

The universe evolves within well-defined cycles. Economy and society are no exceptions. They both tend to swing in tandem from individualism-centric ideals to collectivism-driven doctrines. So with years passing by, we go through social systems promoting conservative... read more

Gold as the Ultimate Lifestyle Hedge

Wealth creation is undeniably a fantastic highway towards freedom. But when we start realizing that our wealth is initially made of government-issued currency, a crucial question needs to be answered: “Just how reliable a store of value is that currency... read more

Staying Fit with Body Beast®

Trading is a very demanding career, one that barely leaves time for much else, let alone taking care of yourself. In my years spent as a trader I quickly realized that letting go of my shape was an easy thing to do. Especially so when as a novice I would stay glued to... read more