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I do not like to make blog posts for the sake of it when nothing really is new. But a big shift is about to happen in the FRF Fund in the coming months. A big shift for the best.

As you may remember from my very first FRF Fund update where I laid out my global plan, I had envisioned to reach completion of my first landmark ($200,000) by the end of 2018 if everything went fine. That landmark is by far the most important of all as it will allow me to reach escape velocity and then have compounding do the heavy lifting for me. That is without having to make such drastic cash contributions to the fund.

Well, a major news happened this summer. This major change is a wildly positive contingency that no model could have accounted for. Proof that Murphy’s Law can also be flipped upon its head sometimes! Anyways, long story short and without delving into personal details, that change is most likely going to allow the FRF Fund to reach that first landmark as early as ONE WHOLE YEAR IN ADVANCE! That’s right. That is one whole year over a 3.5-year plan, or 28% improvement in the timing. Being conservative as I am, I am now counting on reaching that landmark by the summer of 2018. But as it turns out, I am sensing that the end of 2017 is on its way to actually be the right timing.

I could not be more hopeful than I am at the moment. You cannot imagine how pumped up I am. Good things come to those who dedicate themselves to a cause. And for as much as my rational mind would like to believe that this is purely random, something else tells me that Natural Law has its covert ways to reward those who abide by its principles. So keep in touch and look out for this equity counter because things are about to ramp up sharply in the months ahead!