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Traders, this is it. I am delighted to announce that From Random to Freedom is officially starting today.

My goal in expanding the FX Physics website through this blog is to provide traders with a source of both inspiration and motivation. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This blog epitomizes this philosophy. Only those who have put enough of their life into this job know the kind of sacrifice and composure that it takes to succeed through financial hardships and social pressure. Knowing this very reality, too many self-proclaimed “market gurus” will pretend to help and teach, giving costly advice that they won’t follow for themselves and will only leave you confused. Just about none of these “experts” are actually putting themselves on the line delivering real-world results that do change lives and guide traders to their ultimate destination: financial independence.

I won’t be one of them.

Instead, I decided to totally obliterate the “guru” part and will solely focus on showing you what you don’t see elsewhere. Here you will get to see the flip side of the trading show, the hardest part, that is the P&L where only real, live money is at play. I will show you how a solid, proprietary algorithm that took me years of research got me to financial independence through consistency and hard work. Especially, I will demonstrate how you too can reach total freedom and happiness in your lives when trading is done correctly. Life has so much to offer that financial security can afford. In the end, it all makes perfect sense.

This blog is comprised of three sections.

FXP Insight is building upon the extensive trading experience gathered from implementing the FX Physics algorithm in the real world since 2008. This section is not meant as a teaching tool, but rather as a trading compass to help you in your trading decisions by bringing contextual awareness – basically, what is the most likely to work next and on which market. You will find general comments as well as specific quantified studies whenever a major market move has been flagged by any of FX Physics’ eight systems. As always, you know that whatever analysis is provided is also what I am actually doing with my own trading. Unlike others, I put my money where my mouth is.

The FRF Fund is a live private fund whose sole purpose is to show the way in reaching financial independence by working the FX Physics algorithmic engine. While the goal here is to achieve 25% annualized return, my primary target is to make it reach the $200,000 mark through both appreciation and contributions. Secondary equity targets will subsequently be set. Whereas the main focus will be to track the NAV progress, I still wanted to be fully transparent and am therefore providing 3rd party auditing of the account through Jack Schwager’s FundSeeder website. As such, trading metrics are made available on a monthly basis for everyone to witness in the Performance section of the original FX Physics website.

The Lifestyle section is essentially crucial to this blog. In fact, it probably IS the most important. This is what gives all of the above its unique sense and purpose. My intention is to expand on the financial benefits of trading much beyond the obvious result seen at the bottom line of an account statement. Our everyday duties and professional commitments tie us up to a social and material dictatorship that prevents us from developing ourselves as men. Trading can break these chains. From there, a myriad of possibilities open up in exploring the world and ourselves. This is what will be discussed through such topics as traveling, health, skill development, philosophy, politics, product reviews and more… All of these subjects that need to be discarded because of our daily constraints will finally be explored for what they are worth. Just be aware that I tend to be very polarizing in my opinions and I intend to exercise my freedom of speech to its fuller extent. So if you cannot stand the heat, don’t stay in the kitchen.

Finally, just like in breaking particles, new concepts can emerge from colliding ideas. So while this blog is not meant to be a teaching platform in the first place (although I may expand it this way later on), I warmly welcome your comments and questions. And even if I am the furthest thing from a philantropist and I will not serve free lunches, I will do my best to help you out personally in your efforts for as long as you do display genuine interest in trading and a real commitment to succeed.

So do not hesitate to take part in the adventure.

Trade smart.