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FRF Fund Update – August 2016

FRF Fund Update – August 2016

I do not like to make blog posts for the sake of it when nothing really is new. But a big shift is about to happen in the FRF Fund in the coming months. A big shift for the best. As you may remember from my very first FRF Fund update where I laid out my global plan, I... read more

FRF Fund Update – May 2016

The FRF Fund is clearly running behind equity-wise. This is for two very legitimate reasons that I will take the time to explain in this post. First, the US market has further accentuated its sideways behavior. US equities have indeed stagnated for the most part since... read more

Socialism Steals Lives (Part 2/2)

Most people will not believe me when I say that we still live in slavery. The reality is that they have been so brainwashed that they cannot even tell the difference between slavery and freedom. Again, let’s take taxation as a starting point. Now let’s... read more

Socialism Steals Lives (Part 1/2)

As I mentioned in a previous article, the pendulum of History makes society swing from individualism to collectivism as opportunities become more abundant or scarce. The antagonism between Capitalism and Socialism remains in full force today. A steep worldwide... read more