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FXP Insight

Trading theory is nothing without an actual application.

FXP Insight brings value-added articles aiming to provide you with a quantitative feedback on the state of the market. Quantified studies are derived from the live implementation of the FX Physics algorithm. Thanks to all eight trading systems mapping the whole spectrum of available asset classes, FXP Insight sets itself as a tool to help traders navigate the markets to generate steady growth combined with powerful risk-management. This section is dedicated to the savvy trader looking for hard quantitative trading data as well as in-depth market comments.

To learn more about the core algorithm, please visit www.fxphysics.com.

FRF Fund

As traders, we aim at achieving all about financial performance. But as men, we should ultimately aim to broaden the scope of our lives. Reaching that goal implies transcending trading as a means to make a living into an end to acquire the ultimate life wealth which is that of uncompromising independence.

The FRF Fund is a verified, live private fund tracking the building steps of these solid grounds for a better life. I am dedicating this blog to every trader that is wondering whether such path is possible. To them I say that it is, that the market is not just random, and that it can be mastered even if it cannot be known in advance. This fund is a true testimony to show the way, give hopes, and to prove that whatever the hardships, if you want it enough, this can be done.


Trading is probably one of the most, if not the most competitive business field of all. As such, it is a massively compelling way to sharpen our intellect and composure as well as a hugely rewarding way to make a living. But trading is also excruciatingly demanding. And we traders are at risk of becoming blindsided about our life perspectives, missing the sides of the experience prism that make us grow wiser as men.

Lifestyle is dedicated to widen your horizons as well as to protect your own grounds. it is meant as a go-to notepad whenever you feel ready to look past your trading endeavors and especially beyond today’s Occultocracy. These posts are meant as food for thought to awaken your right brain and to break the cognitive dissonance that is forced onto us everyday. You will learn the crucial importance of ultimately aligning one’s life to Natural Law, to see through the false veil of moral relativism and to embrace wisdom through absolute concepts that will hopefully become actionable knowledge in your everyday life. So use this blog for what it is, a liberating source of inspiration, awareness and motivation to help you embrace a free mind as well as to safeguard your sovereignty and what you strived for.

“Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.”


“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.”


Research. Implementation. Excellence.

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Hard-Work. Consistency. Resilience.

A True Trader's Journey to Financial Independence Track FRF Fund

Relax. Think. Explore.

"Live Well. It's the Greatest Revenge." Enjoy Lifestyle